For Clean & Greener Life

 Social Responsibilities  

Greendelta always guarantee to provide all products and service with Peak of Quality, it is not only product to bring back the highest using value to end user but it is also bring back the added value when using our products and service. More than that all products of Greendelta is filtered and extracted by unique material, technology, facilities on highest world  science  from which can reject all unuseful matters that can directly or indirectly cause harmful to human and environment-such as expectation of Greendelta:

 For Clean & Greener Life

Therefore when using our products or even mention about them, you are contributing directly or indirectly to: For Clean & Greener Life.

a. From all products of Greendelta:

- No harmful for human & environment

- No toxicity for human, plant/animal and live environment

- Fully absorbable for plant and no remain on plant.

- No contains toxicities for under water and live environment.

b, Facilities:

- To be constructed in processing and industrial zone in the whole world where the quality of products is managed strictly and 100% have full treatment system for waste water dirt and smoke base on European standard.

- Stored at warehouse where making sure product quality is guaranteed in the world

- In Vietnam, stored and maintained by Greendelta-Longan at Nhut Chanh industrial zone, Ben Luc-Long An- Vietnam where is considered one of the high quality and perfect industrial zone in Vietnam. The standard of infrastructure and environmental treatment is completed. The warehouse, facilities to be invested and constructed properly and became the first properly investment for micro-nutrient and foliar fertilizer in Vietnam.

- Machinery, facilities to be produced and imported with highly strict standard in order to increase using value and storage.

- People directly operate and manage system to be trained and experienced.

*** This means that Greendelta have fully responsibilities for our products and service which is not only for the product quality but it is also for end user, society and live environment in the world.

Greendelta     For clean & greener life

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