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1, Increases follen ̣for mango and grape, ... 

2, Reduce plant poison of Chemical 

3, Calcium dificiency in Chilli 

4, Avoid Durian hard meats 

5, Combi-M is good for Custard-Apple 

6, Prevent of falling after applied too much GA3 

7, To be better for water-melon and cucumber 

8, To prevent the fall off  leaf and yellow 

9, Avoid broken inside and spoil 

10, Increased sweetness of fruits 

11, Nutrient for Rice hardness  

12, GAvoid tea flower and high quality 

13, To be nice of fruit shape 

14, Advantage of CRF( Controlled Release fertilizer) 

15, Benefit of using Micronutrients) 

16, Prevent drop of flowers and young fruit

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