Option 1 (For areas having all kinds of Greendelta fertilizer)

1, New Plant: Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Green 50-100gr/root and 3-5 kg of fertilizer Utah/CHELAX

2, In the first and second year:

- First time : Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Green 50-150gr/root and 3-5 kg of Utah/CHELAX

- Second time: Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Red 50-150gr/root+ Greendelta-CAN or Greendelta-CN 100-300gr/root+ Utah/CHELAX 15-20gr/root.

- Spray the leaves; Greendelta-25 or Greendelta-L, Greendelta-12, Nitroforlia monthly interval and 1-2 times CHELAX Lay-O

- Spray Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 1 time a month.

3, 3rd year to year 6

First time: (After harvesting)

- Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Green 150-250gr/root+ Greendelta-CN 100-150gr/root+ Utah/CHELAX 15-20gr/root.

- Spray is distributed through Greendelta-L or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-25 10gr/ 8 liter.

- Spray Feticombi-5 or Deltamicro hydro or Deltamicro Subtrat 20gr/200 liter (2 times through the spray distribution is approximately 10-15 days apart).

Second time: (After the first approximately 20-25 days)

- Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Red or Delta-Blau 150-200gr/root+ Greendelta-CAN or Greendelta-CN 100-150gr/tree+ Combi-M/ granular 200-300gr/plant.

- Spray is distributed through Deltaforlia 10gr/ 8 liter 200g/ 200 liter drums and 1-2 times Gronta or CHELAX Calcium Boron.

- Spray 1-2 times CHELAX Lay-O 4-5ml/20 Liter

Third time: (after the second about 20-25 days)

- Apply Delta-Top 200-250gr/root + Greendelta-CAN 100-150gr/root.

- Spray is distributed through Delta-K 10gr/8 liter (200g/DRUM 200 liter) (Spray 2 times 10 days apart).

- Spray 1-2 times CHELAX Sugar Express 3-5ml/per 20 liters.

- Spray is distributed through Canximax 10ml/8 liter.

- Spray the plant growth regulators NapGibb 18SP 1gr/16 liter.

Fourth time: (one month after the third)

- Apply Delta-Top 100-300gr/root +Greendelta-CN 100-150gr/root and 3-5kg of Utah/CHELAX.

- Spray is distributed through Combi-M 10gr/8 liter.

- Spray is distributed through Delta-K 10gr/8 liter.

Option 2 (In case where there is insufficient distribution of type Greendelta)

a, Application distributed through original by local conventional practical and 3-5 kg of fertilizer Utah/CHELAX for a particle of 1000m2.

b, All foliar application of Greendelta to increase economic efficiency by the time such a choice.


- Above 6 years to increase the amount of rate10-20% higher compared to the period directory tree in 2 to below 5 years.

- For Sapodila not balanced nutrients and low pH, the young fruit wil be dropped or not be big, weaken tree, fruit and unsweetened fruit

- Fresh water evenly, avoid water shortages flowering stage. If you find that young fruits and shake the more immediate need to spray Feticombi-5 or Deltamicro hydro or Deltamicro Subtrat and with Gronta or CHELAX Calcium Boron to avoid low quality and income.

- These are basic guidelines, however, though the practical conditions to apply correct and reasonable.

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