1, For Bonsai:

For Bonsai trees are very special plants with different characteristics with the subjects of other crops. With Bonsai is the most important thing is still alive, but healthy trees should not grow too fast will destroy the tree shape and would cost a lot of work to keep the shape of bonsai. Because the tree exists in the form of stunted (does not mean weak plant) processing plants need a special kind of fertilizer that can not be used arbitrarily any fertilizer that is available on the market for purposes other crops in .

- With regard to fertilizer root / root is ideal for Bonsai Delta-Coated fertilizer is slow Controlled released Fertilizer (CRF) within 3 months melts a distribution member so shocked nutrition Bonsai do not destroy the roots of bonsai, the other members in each division Delta-Coated contain all the nutrients necessary for Bonsai.

- For distribution through the leaves fit and ideally balanced NPK as Greendelta-L or Greendelta-12 or Deltaforlia 18-18-21+TE, Sprayed periodically 1-2 times a month.

- Should spray micro synthetic chelate as Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 at least once every month and spray Canximax to make the plant hard and firm.

- When the tree is too weak best spray / spray CHELAX Lay-O 1-2 Times 5-10 days apart

2, Potted Plants:

This is a very rich group of plants including ornamental indoor or outdoor landscaping purposes to embellish the architectural space, plant trees on the campus or in the bath, basin, but the problem of fertilizer for plants were divided into two different ways depending on the following purposes;

- For use with ornamental body, leaves the scene to use as fertilizer for Bonsai tree above.

- For ornamental purposes using flower / landscape contrary to the use of fertilizer is the other part. In the period before the cotton / flowers, then use a high protein to support the plant as: Greendelta-L, Greendelta-25 or Greendelta-12, But to prepare stabbed Duke / sun for a flower / flowers, then use times as high Deltaforlia  6-30-13+6 TE or Greendelta-21. But when a flower-type switching back left, then left as breeding Greendelta-19, Deltaforlia-K. Of course can not forget the spray / spray micro Deltamicro or Fetricombi-5 monthly at least once and one time Canximax Sturdy plants and to combat falling simultaneously spray / spray CHELAX Lay-O 1-2 Times 5-10 days apart.

- For use indoor bonsai tree should be used in temperate regions, there is no high demand for light, but at least one week should also bring a couple of days outside. For this kind of fertilizer root / root should only be used Delta-Coated prevent tree death due to shock candles fertilizer nutrient fertilizers root / root another fast break. With distribution through the leaf Greendelta-L is the optimal choice while enhancing Parts Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 Special needs Canximax  to healthy plants hard resistant to the adverse external environment of the spray / spray CHELAX Lay-O 1-2 Times 5-10 days apart.

3, For Orchids:

This flower is extremely sensitive to chemical fertilizer particularly so if the roots are weak fertilizer f / roots will melt fast animals with more fertilizer and dead trees to rot . Fertilizer should be slow root resolution Delta-Coated Fighting is the best choice for orchids. Thailand needs require distributed through the leaves is highly recommended Greendelta-L very suitable for orchids and always safe for orchids. Let the healthy and resistant to the environment should be added as micronutrient such as  Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 Regular monthly 1 to 2 sprays / sprays Canximax and Spray CHELAX Lay-O was separated by 5-10 days 

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