USING Greendelta fertilizers for BITTER COURT

1, Option 1: (Increase foliar fertilizer to increase the yield, quality and income)

* Soil application: Keep it same way with local practical and add 1-2 times Utah/CHELAX with 3-4kg/1000m2 .

* Foliar application:

- From planting untill flowering: Spray 2-3 times Greendelta-25 or Nitroforlia or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-L 10gr/ml for 8-10 liters water or 200gr/ml/drum 200L and 1-2 times CHELAX Lay-O to quickly develop roots system.

- Before flowering about 10 days: Spray 1 times Deltaforlia or Greendelta-21 with NapGibb and one more time with Delta-K or Combi-M in high-dose plus with Gronta to avoid loss of flowers and immature fruit loss.

- From young fruit to havesting: Spray 2-3 times Delta-K or Combi-M and 1-2 times Greendelta-19 and 1-2 times CHELAX Sugar Express and Deltaforlia-K, fast way to increase fruit side and good taste

* Spray interval Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 period of 10-15 days/times to prevent curling of leaves, deformed fruit and improving quality.

* Canximax or CHELAX Calcium Boron need to be sprayed 2-3 times more before the young left to harvest to prevent fruit rot, fruit cracking, vulnerability monitoring and severe bowel and left.

This crop can be have more time to harvest so that can be re-fertilizer application such as from begingning.

2, Option 2: (Same input costs with current but replace some amount of  fertilizers from Greendelta)

* Soil application: Reduce 30-40% amount of fertilizer then buy Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt to apply as normal 

* Add 1-2 times Utah/CHELAX

* Foliar application:(Take all of foliar fertilizer of Greendelta and spray such as option 1.

*** Everage dosage used is distributed through Greendelta foliar fertilizer is: 1gram or 1ml to 1 liter water.

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