USING Greendelta fertilizers for POTATO

1, Option 1: (Increase investment is to increase the yeild, quality and income)

* Basal and top dressing: Should not apply fertilizer containing cloride, especially to Potasium Cloride because this group of plants is extremely sensitive to chlorine. If the fertilizer contains potassium cloride will cause the red ball leaves bunch/ plant can not withdraw and develop small root curve, and aromatic. Add 1-2 times chelate granular fertilizers Utah/CHELAX 3-4kg/1000m2.

* Foliar fertilizer: (Using all of the fertilizer Greendelta not contain chlorine

- From planting until starting root development: Spray 2-3 times Greendelta-25 or Nitroforlia or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-L 10gr/ml for 8-10 liters water or 200gr/ml/drum 200L and 1 to 2 times of spraying CHELAX Lay-O and CHELAX Zinc. Potato plant is needed to prevent rotting fruit.

- Before developing roots around10 days: Spray 1 times Deltaforlia 6-30-13+TE or Greendelta-21 with NapGibb and a time for Delta-K or Combi-M with high dosage

- From small root to havesting: Spray 2-3 times Delta-K or Combi-M and 2 times Greendelta-19 and spray 1-2 times CHELAX Sugar Express to the left fast and big brother.

* Spray interval Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 with 10-15 days/time to prevent curling of leaves, deformed left , anti fall flowers, immature fruit loss and root spoil.

* Canximax or CHELAX Calcium Boron or CHELAX Zinc need to be sprayed regularly since before the young roots to harvest to prevent fruit rot, root cracking, vulnerability monitoring and severe bowel and the left.

* Potato plant is high and intensive fertilizers distributed through leaves, more often would be better or may mix with water to four directly to root .

2, Option 2: (Provide same input costs with local practical but low and replacement of fertilizers with fertilizer Greendelta)

* Soil application: Reduce 30-40% amount of fertilizer then buy Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt to apply as usual or mixed with water to four to the root.

* Add 2 times Utah/CHELAX fertilizer.

* Foliar application: (Take all the fertilizer Greendelta but more often spray/ like use of options 1.

*** Dosage basically used is distributed through the Greendelta is: 1gr/ml to 1 liter of water.

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