Option 1 (Take all Greendelta products)

1, New cultivation:

Basal dressing: Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Green 100-150gr/original and add more 3-4kg Utah/CHELAX micro-particles for each 1000m2.

2, First year to 3 years:

- First times: Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Green 100-150gr/root + Greendelta-CN 50-70gr/original

- Second times: Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Red 100-150gr/root + Deltali 100-300gr/root + Utah/CHELAX (50-10gr/root).

3, From 4 years onwards:

Frist time: After havesting

- Apply Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Blau 300-400gr/root + Greendelta-CAN or Greendelta-CN 50-70gr/root + Utah/CHELAX 3-5gr/root.

- Spray Greendelta-L or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-25 200gr/ml for 200liter and CHELAX Lay-O

- Spray Feticombi-5 or Deltamicro 20gr/200 liter (2 times through the spray distribution is approximately 10-15 days apart). Before flower spray Gronta to avoid flower and young fruit dropped.

- Spray Delta-K 200gr/200 liters.

Second time:

- Apply Delta-Top 150-200gr/root + Greendelta-CAN 50-70gr/root + Combi-M/ granular 50-60gr/original and add more 3-4kg Utah/CHELAX per 1000m2.

- Poliar  is distributed through Deltaforlia-K 200gr/200 liter drums.

- Spray is distributed Greendelta-19 200gr/200 liter drums and 1-2 times CHELAX Zinc

- Spray NapGibb 18SP 1gr/16 lit.

Third  times:

- Apply Delta-Top 100-150gr/root + Greendelta-CAN or Greendelta-CN 50-70gr/root.

- Spray is distributed through Delta-K 200gr/200 liter drums (Spray 2 times interval 14 days) and 1-2 times CHELAX Sugar Express to particles side and heavy seed.

- Spray is distributed through Canximax 50-60 ml/200 liter drums.

Option 2 (All foliar of Greendelta)

a, Soil application such as normal and added 3-4kg Utah/CHELAX micro-particles for 1000m2.

b, Fertilizer spraying additional amount of Greendelta to increase the economic efficiency ( Must be included CHELAX Zinc, CHELAX Lay-O, CHELAX Sugar Express, Deltamicro, Canximax)


- For coffee plant: Micronutrient is very importent, if not enough. can not be high yeild and good quality.

- Coffee is very setitive with such as fertilizers, water, wind, temperature, cover, soil pH ...

- If you find that young fruit dropped, tree failure, much as curling, running, weight is being sprayed Feticombi-5, or Deltamicro to avoid buying furniture.

- These are basic guidelines, however, though the practical conditions for different area to have right solution.

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