1, Option 1 (Increased foliar to increase productivity, quality and income)

* Soil application: Same at Local practical but add 2-3 times more fertilizer Utah/CHELAX about 3-4kg/public 1000m2.

* Foliar application/spray:

- After havesting: Spray 2 times Greendelta-25 or Nitroforlia or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-L and 1-2 times CHELAX Lay-O.

- Before flowering aroun 15 days Spray one time Deltaforlia 6-30-13+6TE or Greendelta-21 with NapGibb and other time with Delta-K or Combi-M high doses. When starte young fruit one time with Gronta to prvent flowers dried and droped.

 - From young fruit to havest: Spray 2-3 times Delta-K and 1-2 times Greendelta-19 and 2 times CHELAX Sugar Express.

* Spray Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 from 2 to 3 times until at the time of harvesting.

* Canximax more needs to be sprayed 1-2 times before the young left to harvest emetic sage and Aaron kept long.

2, Option 2: (Same costs with local but replaced by Greendelta)

* Soil application: Reduced 30-40% of fertilizer as local practical then buy Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Blau, Delta-Green, Delta-Red to apply.

* Add 1-2 times Utah/CHELAX and 1-2 times Delta-Coated(Controlled Release Fertilizer)

* Foliar application/spray: (Take all Greendelta but more often spray and higher doses)/ as use of options 1

** Dosage used for foliar of Greendelta is 1gram or 1ml per litter water

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