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History of Development

Greendelta Co., Ltd

 Started from family business in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam and re-organized  in year 2003 with full name: Green Delta Co., Ltd and trademark registered is Greendelta.  In the beginning, headquarter is located in Tran Xuan Soan Street-HCM city is most concentrated and biggest area business for Agricultural products in Vietnam with only 3 staffs and now with total 40 people/called Greendelters and headquarter moved to Phu My Hung area-Dist 7- HCM city-Vietnam (The most modern and luxury area in Vietnam)

* The end of year 2003, completely formed Greendelta in HCMcity

* The year 2004, joined to form Company in Hanoi/ North of Vietnam and Joined Venture Company called AgriViet

* The year 2005, moved Greendela Headquarter to Phu My Hung area- The most modern and luxury area in Vietnam/ Present address head office now and called Greendelta-Saigon. The same this year, we co-operated to form two Contractors – One in Daclak city/ Highland and other in Cantho city/ biggest delta of Vietnam. 

* The year 2006, established Greendelta office in Hanoi city, called Greendelta-Hanoi/Capital of Vietnam to directly do business via Hai Phong port/ second biggest international port in Vietnam

* The year 2007, completely registered the large amount of agricultural products with Vietnamese government to become a leading company for Agricultural supplier with wide range and high quality of Agricultural products/ especially to micro-nutrient products and make volume and sale up to 10 times.

* The year 2008, was prosperous year for Greendelta with significant figure on sale, profit, wide range of products/service and coverage business. Also increased in sale people, facilities and transportation. 

* The year 2009 Greendelta continue to grow fastest and strong in this field, still stand up as the number one in the market dealing with quality product and chelate micro- nutrients. Also a pinoneer in Vietnam dealing with Business Travel and Luxury Travel in countryside/ Agriculture and keep on the top of this kind of travel in Vietnam. In addition tradename: Greendelta, Greendelta-Travel and all names of product became famous in Vietnamese market. To the end of year 2009, to completely establish Greendelta-Longan/ in central Mekong delta and expand more business to oversea.

* The year 2010, Greendelta continuously constructed Office Building and factory in Long An Province, created more business chanel, expand more business to Campuchia and Lao.

* The year 2011, Openning Greendelta-Longan after 2.5 years completely submited all docs to government and doing construction. Becoming the pioneer for propperly investing in micronutrients and foliar fertilizer in Vietnam. Also completed constructing and open the Greendelta-Cantho in Cantho city/ The central and bissgest city in Mekong Delta with main agriculture in Viet Nam and connecting with Combodia via high way 120km.

* The year 2012, Improving management and support more technical matters to end user/customers, help them to get more benefit and income from using the products of Greendelta. Planning for new project in Mekong Delta to create more advance for agriculture and agricultural business tourist.

* The year 2013, improved the distribution network and delivered cargo to system. Started building up Greendelta-Hanoi office, expanded the Greendelta-Cantho and prepared whole network on the North Vietnam

* The year 2014, completed the Greendelta-Hanoi office, finished the expansion of Greendelta-Cantho. See detail on link:

* The yeat 2015, improve on all products, expand the whole market and looking for business opportunities in agricultural field.

* Period from 2016 to 2020. Concentrate more to the product quality, take higher level for distribution network in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. Expand for new business in same systerm.

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