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Greendelta Co., Ltd is established from year 2003 in Vietnam from shareholders who had a strong finance and good experience for both domestic and international market. Our purpose is to build Greendelta up an active, professional and good company/ not mean that biggest company/ as soon as Vietnam became WTO member. It is means that we born to help and co-operate with our dealers, private enterprises and local farmers to catch up with modem business, technical advantage and to benefit their investment. We are also here to help/ co-operate with all oversea businessmen who are interested in Vietnam market to look for business opportunities, especially to countryside and Oversea Vietnamese who came back to set up an owned business or to visit their relatives. We also design a luxury travel for team business, business people in Vietnam. This is a reason why we have an people and management system more and more professional and high class to meet the requirement of our clients and to satisfy all our customers as our key strategy as Aware of Minor things to Benefit Your Value when you come to us / to Vietnam. 

 Greendelta    Aware of minor things to INNOVATION

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