USING Greendelta fertilizers for GOLF COURT

Grass is very important  for golf court and is the soul and a standard to assess golf court, is divided into two categories: Green/small hole near fareway and planted outside Green area .

1, Green/small grass growing inside.

This is a very small area of grass planted on the inside, around the hole/ whole golf requires a very high technical and special care for the grass roots grow very deep and firm but soft grass and young enough to cut with a regular for golf left running in a straight line not deviate by grass/green cause. Green grass on the other hand do not need to develop more leaves(grass that is still alive and well developed deep roots, but are limited by the development of grass leaves). So fertilizer for green grass area requirements must be very small and are not normally soluble fertilizer as fast as the original fertilizer/tree roots for other agricultural fertilizer because when the normal kind of fertilizer particles grass leaf to leaf burn and rapid development and should not be used for green grass.

- To be suitable for Green grass is Delta-Coated(Controlled Release Fertilizer) is doubtful and choose the best optimization for green grass because Delta-Coated and very small particles, slow resolution within 3 months of completely meet strict requirements of green grass. The amount of fertilizer 1-2kg/100mwith 2 to 3 months/times.

- Spray over leaf Greendelta-L or Greendelta-12 or Deltaforlia 6-30-13+6TE regularly 20-30 days/times and  CHELAX Lay-O (dose of 1g or 1ml/1 liters water)

- Spray Canximax or CHELAX Calcium Boron 1-2 months/ time at doses of 1ml/1 liters of water.

- Spray regurlarly Deltamicro and CHELAX Zinc 2-3 months/time at doses 1g/10 liters of water .

2, Fareway/large grass planting grass around the green.

This type of lawn care is much simpler than the Green grass 1-2 kg of fertilizer Delta-Top/100m2/ times and spray periodically with Greendelta-L or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-25 with doses of 1g or 1ml/1 liters of water.

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