USING Greendelta fertilizers for SESAME

1, Option 1: ( Increase foliar fertilizer to increase the yield, quality and income)

* Soil application: Keep it same way with local practical and add 1-2 times Utah/CHELAX with 3-4kg/1000m2.

* Foliar application:

- From planting untill flowering: Spray 1-2 times Greendelta-25 or Nitroforlia or Greendelta-12 or Greendelta-L 10gr/ml for 8-10 liters water or 200gr/ml/drum 200L and 1-2 times CHELAX Lay -O to quickly develop roots.

- Before flowering about 10 days: Spray 1 times Deltaforlia or Greendelta-21 with NapGibb and a time for Delta-K or Combi-M high-dose plus with Gronta to avoid loss of flowers and immature fruit loss.

- From young fruit to havesting: Spray 2-3 times Delta-K or Combi-M and 1-2 times Greendelta-19 and 1-2 times CHELAX Sugar Express, fast way to increase fruit and seed

* Spray interval Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 period of 10-15 days/times to prevent curling of leaves, deformed fruit and improving quality, oil and flavor.

* Canximax or CHELAX Calcium Boron need to be sprayed 2-3 times more before the young left to harvest to prevent fruit rot, fruit cracking, vulnerability monitoring and severe bowel and left.

2, Option 2: (Same input costs with current but replace some amount of  fertilizers from Greendelta)

* Soil application: Reduce 30-40% amount of fertilizer then buy Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt to apply as normal or mixed with water to four the root.

* Add 1-2 times Utah/CHELAX (can be mix with water to irrigate the root)

* Foliar application: (Take all of foliar fertilizer of Greendelta and spray such as option 1.

*** Everage dosage used is distributed through Greendelta foliar fertilizer is : 1gram or 1ml to 1 liter water.

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