USING Greendelta fertilizers for PEANUT

1, Option 1: (Increase foliar fertilizer to increase the productivity, quality and income)

* Soil application: Keep same way such as local current soil application and add Utah/ HELAX 1-2 month per time with dosage 3-4kg/public 1000m2 .

* Foliar appliaction:

- From new planting to flowering: Spray 2 times Greendelta-L 10ml for 8-10 liters water or 200ml/drums 200L and spray 1-2 times CHELAX Lay-O.

- Before flowering around 10-15 days: Spray 1 times Deltaforlia 6-30-13+6TE or Greendelta-21 with NapGibb and a time for Delta-K or Combi-M high dose+Gronta to increase fruit and flower and fruit garden against loss.

- Form young fruit to havesting: Spray 2-3 times Delta-K or Combi-M and 1-2 times Greendelta-19 or Deltaforlia-K and additional 1-2 times CHELAX Sugar Express and CHELAX Combi.

* Spray interval Deltamicro or Feticombi-5 from 10-15 days/times to prevent curling of leaves, leaf burn, deformed fruit .

* Canximax need to be sprayed 2-3 times more before the young left to harvest to prevent fruit rot , fruit cracking and fruit are spotted .

* These kind of crops need to be supplied high Calcium and potassium fertilizer and more foliar and more often would be better or can be mixed with water and four directly to root.

2, Option 2: (Same input costs with local practical but reduced and replaced by fertilizers Greendelta)

* Soil application: Reduce around 30-40% of fertilizer then take this amount to by Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Blau and apply as normal .

* Add 1-2 times Utah/CHELAX

* Foliar application: (Take all of Greendelta foliar fertilizer and spray such as option 1

***Everage dosage used is distributed through the Greendelta foliar fertilizer is: 1 gram or 1 ml to 1 liter water.

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