1, Option 1: (Increased investment foliar application is to increase productivity, quality and increased income)

* Basal dressing of granular soil application: Keep same local practical and add in more a 2-4 kg fertilizer Utah/CHELAX Rice/Industry(1000m2)

* Foliar application

 - Period: when rice starts to be branch: Spray/spray 2 times Nitroforlia or Greendelta-21 or Deltaforlia 6-30-13 +6TE or Greendelta-L and adding a spray 1-2 times CHELAX Lay-O when rice is to fast.

- Period: Closed and before plower: Spray/spray 1 times Greendelta-21 or Combi-M with NapGibb to trick the ear were closed and are not blocked.

- Period: When rice is finished flowering and started seeds: Spray 1-2 times Delta-K and 1 times Gronta to avoid loss of particles and particle lev.

* Regular: Spray Deltamicro or Feticombi-5, 1-2 times and 1-2 times CHELAX Rice at the time of service in a fast and reliable trick to blue and periodic spraying 15-20 days/ times CHELAX Zinc.

2, Option 2: (Provide same input costs with how long manure/fertilizer with low and instead of fertilizer Greendelta fertilizer was added a 2-4kg/public(1000m2) Utah/CHELAX Rice when rice to fast)

* Soil application: Reduced 30-40% of fertilizer as a long-scheduled normal practical to buy Delta-Top or Delta-Perfekt or Delta-Blau as same reduced cost to apply.

* Foliar application: Spray( take all of Greendelta fertilizers but more often spray)/ as use of options 1 is distributed through

*** Dosage used is distributed through the Greendelta is in general: 1gram or 1ml to 1 liter of solution. (See details in section fertilizer use)

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