Aware of minor to INNOVATION

Luxury travel

1, Luxury travel in most beautiful site and famous location.

Greendelta known well and expenrient in many places where you should not be missed in and out Vietnam and surely that you will be satisfied when travelling with Greendelta. In this Luxury travel we organize very hight standard and professional condition for our special guests. We can go with you to highland, sea, forest or wherever you like and we make sure that all places you will be there green/clean, quiet, natural and safety. In addition you have no concern or worry when traval with us because our people will do everything for you.    

2, Luxury travel in most exciting and modern location.

Greendelta is guider and take you all most moderm and exciting location when you can enjoy and spend your money. In this places when you can get very high standard of living and very good sevice make sure you satisfy with what you spent for. Beside this, you always feel safety when travel outside because of Greendelta people will be care of all your necessary and arrange accordingly to you. 

3, Luxury travel in country side, culture and history 

Greendelta will be together with you to Mekong, Red River Delta to see/ investigate famers are working and living where is very simple and honest life, you can also go to see/ invertigate local history or culture...

Before decide your trip you and us contact together via email, telphone, fax to make your trip more clear and until you satisfied  and then come with Greendelta, you will be organized professional and most benefit from beginning to end of your trip. All of your thing such as hotel accomoditin, car, visa, consultant, guider ... everything else will be taken care by Greendelta such as our slogan: Aware of minor to benefit your value.          

Organization and fee charge

-         Organization to your above trip according to your requirement with dealing together via email, fax, telephone until you feel satisfaction with all necesaries and you finally agreed going with us.

-         Payment will be charged by two way: All in price and  actual expenses with resonable profit for us/Greendelta 

Greendelta  Aware of minor to INNOVATION

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