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In agriculture, especially to fertilizer, micro-nutrients... website: has been visited by many agricultural scientists, management person, agronomist, dealers and farmer/end users and highly appriciated because of trusting and prestiging. The quality of  information are new and exact, honest and objective. Website design is too simple and very different with normal others-easy to access, very fast and of course it is not easy to other one to target the same with

According to management server,  website in agriculture, most of them agreed that website: having largest visitors/readers and website designed, the way to access website are very different with normal and no one can be met.

According to website visitor/readers and oversea visitor, there is no other website in Vietnam for agriculture division excepted  can be provided quite well in English for visitor/readers such as . It is a different standard and brandname from Greendelta.

With reserching website as Google: All main keywords of Greendelta such as Greendelta, Deltaforlia, Deltamicro, Chelax, Gronta, Nitroforlia, Deltasolu-K, Combisolu-M, Feticombi.... are presented in first of top page when typing correct these keywords. For Example with keyword: Green Delta presented on top with around 100 million follow the link below::


&gs_rfai= .


Yes this is a true figure and very impression and considered recognition for Greendelta and it is also thing that every website are looking for.

To have this figure and recognition, all the members of Greendelta would like to say: Thank you very much for all of your contribution, encouragement directly or even indirectly. It will bring more power for us to contribute more useful benefit for Vietnamese agricultural industry and for whole our country.

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