Greendelta are wellcomed and well accepted in Coffee and Pepper Festival in Highland of Vietnam

Greendelta are very welcomed and highly accepted in Coffee and Pepper Festival in Highland of Vietnam recently.


Recently Vietnamese Government, Agri-Ministry, Trade ministry and Daklak People Committee have orgarnized Coffee and Pepper Festival  at BMT city- the biggest and central city in Highland of Vietnam where is biggest area for planting Coffee and Pepper and also is one of biggest crops in the world. Greendelta has been invited to join and make presentation there. Very interested and suprised there are too many famers, dealers whoever know Greendelta products or first time to know, are agreed that all of Greendelta products are very high quality and there are wide range of products to use for Coffee and Pepper. That is why farmers and dealers make more orders from Greendelta.

Greendelta is still a leader for foliar, micronutrient and Controlled Release Fertilizer in Vietnam. On the other hand Greendelta also have biggest distribution network throughout the country , evento remote area. With the tradename are becoming famuously and well-known such as Deltamicro, Feticombi-5, Gronta, Utah/CHELAX, Greendelta, Canximax, Deltaforlia, Nitroforlia, Deltasolu-K, Combisolu-M and Chelax. Almost people agreed that these products are very efficient for coffee and pepper and no other can be compared.

Greendelta bring more hi-tech and most advance in the world to Vietnamese and Asian farmers who are direct planting coffee and pepper with hope that these farmers will be more benefit, high harvest and richer.

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