Greendelta well admired in Rice Festival in Mekong Delta

Greendelta has been invited and joined to Paddy/Rice Festival in Hau Giang Province in PADDY/RICE biggest center of Vietnam.






Many participants / farmer, Dealers , Scientist and Governors who pay attention to Rice crops, was very supprised that this is the first time, there are a company introducing for Rice growner with products to help Rice to improve yield and quality and more than that to improved the image of Vietnamese Rice market to the world. Especially to some kind of products  such as Chelate micro-nutrients, Forliar, Special potassium and Controlled release fertilizer. The products like Deltaforlia, Feticombi-5, Greendelta, Canximax and CHELAX are extremely  admired.

Greendelta would like to contribute a little bit to improve the yield and quality of Vietnamese rice so far so good and hope that the image of Vietnamese rice market will be more well-known in the world. More than that, with hope that rice growners will be more benefit when using Greendelta products for their rice.

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